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Parliament Tutors - Private Tutoring & Test Prep
  Students of all academic backgrounds and test-taking abilities can achieve their target scores with Parliament's Test Prep or Private Tutoring program. While our Test Prep philosophy stresses practice, each PSAT Tutor, SAT Tutor, Subject Test Tutor, ACT Tutor, GRE Tutor, GMAT Tutor, LSAT Tutor and MCAT Tutor customizes a lesson plan according to each student’s strengths and areas of opportunity. Our tutors have tremendous experience teaching strategies that make sense and using approaches that work.  
A customized lesson plan to meet your individualized needs
Expert feedback on the college and postgraduate admissions process
Online communication with your tutor in-between sessions
Access to Parliament Online where you can take practice tests to better diagnose your strengths and areas of opportunity
Lesson Packages offering discounted rates of personalized instruction from the most qualified and personable private tutors in the industry, all in the comfort of your home
Academic Tutoring
Parliament Tutors offers course help for every grade at every level. We provide private tutoring for over 100 different courses in mathematics, sciences, social studies, and more. Our success is highlighted not only by our students’ top-ranking scores on standardized tests, but by their continued improvement in their classrooms.
College Prep
The SAT, SAT II?s, and other standardized admissions exams may be the most important components in the college application process. Our tutors are experts in identifying students? strengths and weaknesses and building lessons accordingly to maximize potential.
Postgraduate Prep
Parliament?s postgraduate prep program features the most distinguished and experienced GRE, GMAT, LSAT and MCAT tutors. Parliament?s tutors develop students? baseline skills and give them the tools they need to solve new problems independently. Our students have gone on to become the nation?s leading scorers on graduate admissions exams and have enrolled in top universities across the country, including Columbia, Yale, Stanford, UChicago, Georgetown, Case Western Reserve, UC Berkley and many more.
Foreign Language Program
We have tutors available for most major languages. We cater to students seeking course help and standardized test prep, individuals seeking to improve language proficiency, as well as international students and professionals looking to improve various linguistic skills.